Local Cheese from Goot Essa

We are proud to be serving the following local cheese with our wine tastings. Goot Essa is a local farm producing cheese from cows, sheep, and goats. Each is an excellent example of its’ style and has a clean unique flavor. Many are styles that we have not seen elsewhere. Goot Essa means good food – try these cheeses and you will agree. Currently, we are serving the following selections:

Royal Rabbit Wine and Cheese Pairings


Old German Weisse Kase (cow milk): creamy & buttery with a milk flavor, slight tang and a silky finish $6.50 (4oz), $9.00 (6oz).

Pairs best: Comtesse, Duchess, Abbess, Courtly Love


Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar (cow): semi-hard cheddar cheese, with a mild tanginess $6.50

Pairs best: Marquise, Chatelaine, Barone, Count


Der Vauden Swiss(cow): a medium bodies swiss cheese with balanced acidity and a buttery texture $6.50 (4oz), 9.25(6oz)

Pairs best:  Duchess, Jongleurs, Chatelaine’s Blush, Chamberlain


Garden Pepper Jack (cow): a semi-hard garden-fresh pepper spice tempered with a mild cheddar $6.50

Pairs best: Duchess, Courtly Love, Barone

Der Edel Bleu Kase(cow): a full-flavored blue cheese, with a velvet rich taste and crumbly texture. $10.50

Pairs best: Comtesse, Baroness, Abbess, Duke, Viscount


Alt Medisher Cheese(goat): a hard-German style goat cheese, a strong tanginess paired with a soft sweetness $11.50

Pairs best: Margravine, Chatelaine, Count, Viscount


Emanuel Von Tal Kase (sheep): soft camembert style flavor $10.50

Pairs best: Chatelaine, Chatelaine’s Blush, Duke


Felsa Yehr(Sheep): firm aged Manchego Style. A true cheese lovers’ cheese $10.50

Pairs best: Marquise, Comtesse, Count, Viscount