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On our way from Valencia to Barcellona we stopped at Tarragona (no relation to the spice tarragon) which houses the only Roman ampitheter overlooking the sea. Terragona is one of the cities in the Penedes wine region which does some excellent still wines and is the birth place of Cava the Spanish sparkling wine. Picture 2 has some really old spur pruned vines trained to wires and some even older Cava vines that are head pruned (no wires) in the background. Pictures 3 and 4 show younger and older spur pruned vines. Spacing is 6 ft apart in the row but the rows are 15 to 20 ft apart and kept completely weed free to get enough water to keep the grape alive. The area is so dry that they can only plant half the vines per acre that we would plant!

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